Holy Baptism or Christening

We warmly welcome all children at St Swithun’s Church.

Christening, or Baptism, is a service for your child where she/he is made a full member of the Christian Family – The Church. It is a joyful occasion when you can gather your family around you and celebrate with them in the church.

St Swithun’s is the Parish Church in East Grinstead and we have many baptisms throughout the year. Please ask us about a date before booking everyone to avoid any disappointment. 

We will ask you to come to an evening meeting with the Vicar or one of the Assistant Clergy before the baptism. There we will explain to you what baptism means and try to answer any questions about the Christening Service, and any other questions you may have.

Godparents have a very special place in the lives of those who are baptised. Many people have questions about choosing the right person and how many to choose. We can answer these and any other questions when we meet you. The Church does require all Godparents to be Baptised themselves so that they understand the role they are taking on.

You can choose to have your child baptised during the main service at 10.00am on a Sunday or at a Service of Baptism at 12.00 noon on the second Sunday in the month.

If you would like to have your baby or young child Baptised (Christened) please contact us using the Baptism Request Form :

Baptism / Christening Request (child)

We also ask that you download the Data Protection Statement below, sign it and bring it with you to the Preparation Meeting.

2018 05 23 Data Processing Agreement for Pastoral Diary.docx

We look forward to welcoming you and your family.

Services of Holy Baptism

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